Access facility

Get access to revolving credit of up to R500 000 to use anywhere. Plus, you only pay for it when you use it. So why do you need a store card?

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Why choose an access facility?

  • Convenient access to up to R500 000 revolving credit
  • Repay the credit used over a period of up to 60 months
  • Access your available credit on our app or Internet banking
  • You only pay for it when you use it


How to apply


Documents needed

  • Original ID document (must be 18 years or older)
  • Latest salary slip
  • A bank statement showing your latest 3 consecutive salary deposits (only if the salary is not paid into your Capitec account)

Manage your access facility on our app

  • View and access your available balance 24/7
  • Transfer money to and from your access facility
  • Choose the repayment amount or period that suits you when you transfer money
  • You can make additional payments to pay it off faster

Access facility
rates and fees


Initiation feeUp to R1 207.50
Monthly feeR0 (without active balance owing) R69 (with active balance owing)
Interest rate13.75% - 22.25% (based on your credit profile)
Initiation fee
Up to R1 207.50
Monthly fee
R0 (without active balance owing) R69 (with active balance owing)
Interest rate
13.75% - 22.25% (based on your credit profile)


Download our free Money Guide. It's full of handy information about credit. We’ll help you work out how much credit you can afford, what interest, fees and charges you can expect, how to compare and get the best offer, and what to do if you’re struggling with your debt.

Credit insurance

Depending on your personal credit profile, credit insurance could be optional. 
We offer credit insurance if you don’t have your own.

What makes our credit insurance great

Unlike other insurance policies your premiums become lower over time. That’s because the monthly premium is calculated based on how much you owe on your loan. So the more you pay off on your loan, the lower your insurance payment becomes.