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Capitec Pay helps drive revenue by reducing failed payments, which lead to abandoned carts. Our enhanced user payment experience lets our clients make easy, fast and safe online payments with payment providers and their merchants without entering their bank card details or sharing their banking login information, putting them in control.


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What is Capitec Pay?

Capitec Pay is SA's first bank-endorsed simple and secure payment initiation API solution in market. It is based on open banking principles in accordance with the PSD2 standards, a European regulation for electronic payment services.

The API enables third-party providers to securely initiate payment requests from our clients while allowing them to choose the account they want to pay from and authenticate the payment safely through our banking app.


Key features

Only the client’s cellphone number, ID number or account number is needed to initiate a payment.

Clients safely consent to and approve the payment through our banking app.

There is no penalty or fee for the merchant or our client if a transaction fails.



  • Improved checkout completion rates: Capitec Pay provides clients with a secure and convenient payment experience through our app, allowing you to increase your conversation rates
  • New audience reach: Access to our actively growing digital client base (11+ million as of March 2023)
  • Simplified API integration: Our integration process is easy and fast
  • Rich data: Detailed error messages allow you to better interact with your customers on the front-end
  • Less risk: Payment providers don't need to store sensitive information, lowering the risk of being targeted by fraudsters
  • Lower cost: Capitec Pay is a more cost-effective payment method than card payments, with commission fees from 0.7% and as low as 0.55%