Things that are uncool as a student but cool as an adult

When you were younger there were (broadly speaking) 2 kinds of people in the world: the cool kids and the not-so-cool kids.

Things that are uncool as a student but cool as an adult

Grown-ups and their antiquated attitudes back then? Zero cool factor. Fast-forward 10 years and chances are you’re no kid anymore. Determined to keep it cool as a young adult? Keep reading…


It’s cool to be proactive

Make this your mantra: “I will not procrastinate”. This can be difficult for a lot of people, but don’t wait until the last minute to cram for your studies or complete a project. Schedule your time to get the job done calmly over a couple of weeks. Less anxiety. Much more zen. Which leads to the next point…


It’s cool to be organised 

White boards, lists, calendars, scheduling apps? Yes, yes, yes and YES! Whip out those highlighters and sticky notes – whatever works for you. It’s time to do some (overly) enthusiastic planning. 


It’s cool to budget and save

Reckless spending is out, and spreadsheets are in. Only a true adult can be identified by their detailed columns and rows. If your savings plan is gathering cobwebs, dust it off and set up a monthly recurring payment. You can also use the Capitec app to track your spending to help you stay within your budget.


It’s cool to stay in on weeknights

Downing energy drinks till dawn? Or in bed by 10pm for a solid night’s sleep? No brainer. You probably won’t recognise the energised, well-rested, good-humoured adult skipping off to work. 


It’s cool to get involved

Volunteer organisations or social clubs aren’t only cool to be a part of, they also make a pretty good impression on your resumé. So sign up, take part, and give back. 


It’s cool to be kind

Let’s be clear: you should always be kind. But as you get older you realise that the true test of “cool” is being a good person. That includes being kind to your frenemy, your next-door neighbour, even the guy who just stole your parking spot.  


It’s cool to have a medical aid and pension fund

Didn’t think you’d need this until you were all grown up? Well, you are. The time is now. Only forward-thinking grown-ups sign up early for medical aid. And it’s never too early to start saving for your retirement, even if you’re just putting away R100 every month. Not being prepared is not cool. Did you know that someone who starts saving towards R1 million for their retirement in their 20s only has to save for half the time that someone who starts in their 30s does before compound interest does the rest? Read more about the power of compound interest here.



How do you know if you’re a fully-fledged adult? Think back and ask yourself how many times in the past week you’ve said things that make you sound like your mother:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Are you ever going to get off your phone?”

“No thanks, I won’t have another drink, I’m going to head home early.”                                                                                      

Have you uttered more than one of those phrases? Then you’re officially a “cool’ adult. 


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