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debit orders safer with debicheck

DebiCheck is another way for you to take control of your money by allowing you to confirm any new debit orders going off from your bank account.

debit orders safer with debicheck

What is DebiCheck?

  • DebiCheck is a type of debit order. You must approve DebiCheck debit order details with your bank after you sign a new DebiCheck debit order agreement with a company.
  • You have to authorise the debit order first. This happens once at the beginning of a new contract, or if you change details such as the payment date or amount for an existing DebiCheck debit order. It reduces the risk of wrong or fraudulent debit orders.
  • You won’t always sign for a DebiCheck debit order. Not all companies have adopted DebiCheck debit orders yet. To be sure you’ll be protected against wrong or fraudulent debit orders, ask the company if their debit order is a DebiCheck debit order.

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How does DebiCheck work?

  • You will sign a new debit order with a company when you sign up for a product or service with them. An example of this would be when you sign up for a new gym contract, or when you take up a term loan which you repay with a monthly debit order
  • Your bank will send you a request to authorise new DebiCheck payment information. You can authorise the debit order on our app, by using your card and PIN (in-branch only) or on Internet banking
  • Once you confirm the information, your bank will load the information on a mandate register. They will send a confirmation message to the company who will deduct the debit order
  • Your bank will verify the debit order information against the information on the DebiCheck register before the debit order is deducted from your account every month
  • DebiCheck collections are only processed if the information matches. Debit orders are rejected if the information doesn't

What are the benefits of DebiCheck?

You control your debit orders because you have to authorise them. These debit orders must be deducted from your account according to your agreement.

What is the difference between DebiCheck debit orders and EFT debit orders?

  • You confirm DebiCheck debit order information before the first collection. You will need to reconfirm your information if there are changes to critical information such as the payment date or amount
  • You don't confirm EFT debit orders. The debit order will be deducted from your account because your bank will assume you have a valid mandate with the company

What is a valid debit order mandate?

It is proof of an agreement between you and a company. You permit the company to deduct an agreed amount every month from your account. The company will request the payment from the your bank based on your permission. All debit orders must have mandates. No debit orders can be taken from your account if there is no valid mandate.

How do I make sure that all my debit orders have mandates?

Check your bank statement regularly to see which debit orders are being deducted. Make sure that you gave a mandate for each of them. We will have the electronic confirmation of your authorisation for each DebiCheck debit order mandate.

Can I reverse a DebiCheck debit order?

We will have a list of all DebiCheck debit orders against your account. You can't reverse DebiChecks that match the information on the register we have. You must resolve any disputes with the service or credit provider.

You can reverse an EFT debit order immediately if you dispute it in 40 days.

Can I choose which debit orders are DebiCheck debit orders?

Companies choose whether they want to use DebiCheck or not. To be sure you’ll be protected against wrong or fraudulent debit orders, ask the company you’re buying the product or service from.

Can I cancel a DebiCheck debit order?

You must cancel a debit order directly with the company you have the debit order with.

Can I suspend a DebiCheck debit order?

You can suspend your DebiCheck debit order with your bank. This will stop the deduction of future debit orders from your account. The debit order will not be processed to your account in future but you should still contact your service provider to confirm that you are cancelling the debit order. Please note that suspending the debit order does not cancel the contract that you have. This is something you must do directly with the service provider.

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