Better never rests

Our 20-year journey of enabling all South Africans to improve their lives was just the beginning. We'll never settle and never rest, until we achieve better for you!

Every step forward is a step towards something better. We're dedicated to helping you pursue better and remain committed to simple, smart and affordable banking


Credit card

What’s better than visiting home? Paying for your trip with the 1% cash back you got on your credit card.

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HomeLoan_2023_V2 - Desktop

Home loan

What’s better than renting a home? Owning it with a Capitec home loan.

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PurposeLoan_Vehicle_2023 - Desktop

Vehicle loan

What’s better than being first in line for a taxi? Getting finance for your first car.

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Education loan

What’s better than having big dreams? Making them a reality with our education loan.

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Live Better savings Capitec

Bank Better rewards

What’s better than earning points or bucks? Real cash back paid into your account just for banking and spending with us.

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Flexible savings account Capitec Bank

Flexible savings

What’s better than saving for a holiday? Reaching your goal and sharing it with your loved ones.

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