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smart ways to save

Whether you’re saving for lobola, building your emergency fund or putting money away until you decide what to do with it, these tips can help you grow your savings.

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51% of you told us that debt is your biggest worry, while 26% said you had no savings. And because 77% of you didn’t have enough cash, you didn’t save.

Can you free up some money and start saving? Try some of these ideas:

Reduce your debt

Every cent you don’t pay towards debt is one more you can add to your savings. Prioritise paying off your debt that has the highest interest, as well as debt that you may be close to paying off first. Then start working on the remaining debt with the money you have freed up.

Bank smarter

Cash is expensive, so use free or cheaper electronic channels instead. If you need to draw cash, do so at Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Boxer till points for only R1.61.

You can pay your accounts, buy groceries and make other purchases using your Global One card for free. If you want to save time and money, debit orders cost less than withdrawing cash at an ATM.

See where you can save

Review your budget to see where you can save. Are there regular activities you can cut back on? For example, if you eat out with friends quite often, why not invite them over for a shared home-cooked meal instead?

Use or ditch your loyalty programme

If your loyalty programme offers you discounts on purchases, then use it to save even more and put the money you save towards your savings goal. If you’re not getting any benefit from it, then get rid of it. Find out what your loyalty programme is costing you.

Ask for a discount

You could save just by asking for a discount. Use these ideas to pay less when shopping for clothes, flights or a home.

Sell it

If you have anything you’re not using that you could get money for, why not sell it? You can use websites such as Takealot.comOLX or Gumtree to sell your used goods for cash.

Open a savings plan

You’ll need somewhere to put all the money you’ll be saving. Open a Capitec transaction/savings account and earn from 4.85% interest per year on your daily balances. Get up to 4 extra savings plans, name them and use them to save for various purposes.


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